Organizing Upgrade

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We are living in amazing times.  Between the onset of the largest economic crisis that this country has seen in decades and the resurgence of resistance in communities across the country, the terrain of politics is rapidly shifting beneath our feet.

If we are going to step up to the potential of this powerful moment, left organizers need a place to consider the rapidly changing conditions, to reflect on the limits and potentials of our organizing practice and to design new interventions to take our work to the next level.  

We believe that our work needs a serious upgrade if we are going to succeed.  

What is Organizing Upgrade?

Organizing Upgrade is a forum for innovative progressive and left organizers to engage in dialogue about big-picture political strategy. 

We aim to promote a strategic approach to left organizing that is truly mass in character and that aims to win.  

Towards that end, Organizing Upgrade hosts feature essays, strategy analysis, high-profile blogs, and news aggregation on today‚Äôs pressing issues and questions.

Initiated by Sushma Sheth, Harmony Goldberg and Joseph Phelan in 2009, Organizing Upgrade began by asking three key questions:

  • Current Conditions: What do you think are the most significant shifts happening right now, and how do they change the context of our work?
  • Strategic Priorities: What are the key interventions that community organizers should make in this moment? Are there particular contributions that left organizers should be making?
  • Changing Orientation: What are old strategies that organizers should turn away from? What new tools and ideas are you experimenting with?

After two and a half years of great thinking by left organizers around the country, we decided to take the conversation to the next level by going deeper within different movements and sectors: the labor movement, the immigrant rights movement, the Black organizing community and more.  

So we invited in an incredible team of new editors, bloggers and news collectors who are rooted in these different parts of the social justice movement. These new members of the Organizing Upgrade team have taken up the responsibility of soliciting and developing regular content within their sectors of the movement in order to deepen the strategic dialogue, to promote big-picture thinking and to keep you up-to-date on the latest developments in politics and culture.  

We look forward to taking it to the next level with you!

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