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Movin the Masses: Ramblings on political action in the Black Community

13AmendmentSquareAfter 148 years, Mississippi has "officially" abolished slavery by ratifying the 13th amendment. We can assume that what took policymakers so long was the historical and present-day desire to make sure white privilege was so ingrained that formal slavery was no longer needed. Mississippi policy makers, the moneyed elite and - at the time - the vast majority of its minority white population were all in agreement on how to proceed on this important task. The historic sequence of outright terror and new systems of servitude launched against the Black population included mass killings, lynchings, rape, sharecropping, prison labor and forced flight that decreased the majority Black population of Mississippi to a minority. This all sufficed to raitfy a political economy of white dominance that was well in place through the 1950 and 60s. Even after the civil rights and black power movements killed off the last of de jure segregation in Mississippi, a new consensual de facto supremacist system still rules. This system is embraced by far too many people in Mississippi's now majority white population and by its policy makers, moneyed white leaders. It is even quietly endorsed by the Magnolia's State new Black elite.

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About the Author

  • Kamau has worked as a community activist and attorney for over fifteen years in New York City and now in the south. He has been a leading member of several grassroots organizations dedicated to human rights advocacy and building grassroots institutions in the black community. Currently he is building a new organization named Amandla Training and Organizing Project. You can follow Kamau on twitter at @kamaufranklin.

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