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Movin the Masses: Ramblings on political action in the Black Community

obama and israelAs Lupe Fiasco said in Words I Never Said “Gaza Strip Was Gettin Bombed, Obama Didn’t Say Shit…” Well, actually he has. The White House has fully endorsed Israel’s bombing campaign against the Gaza strip. Press Secretary Jay Carney, speaking for the Obama Administration, stated “there is no justification for rockets from Gaza.” I guess stealing land, destroying homes, drone bombing campaigns and creating an updated American style reservation that amounts to the largest prison in the world would not be justifiable for those not living in it.

ArethaArticleA 1970's news article on Aretha Franklin's heroic gesture to pay bail for then recently arrested Angela Davis has been circulating on face-book. Aretha offered to pay bail stemming from the capture of Angela Davis in New York after a massive FBI woman hunt in 1970. Ms. Davis was charged with murder, kidnapping and conspiracy for allegedly supplying weapons for an attempted courtroom escape led by Jonathan Jackson to free his brother and revolutionary leader George Jackson. Angela Davis already well known for her battles with then California Governor Ronald Reagan over her right to teach in California Universities after being identified as a communist sealed her image as a revolutionary icon in the Black movement. The article has caught the attention of many because of Aretha's striking and unapologetic stance in offering bail towards Mr. Davis release.

BarronReading the attack by on New York Councilman Charles Barron was a reminder of how little things change in America. The need to demonize Black leaders who are unrepentant in organizing a sphere of Black political power and in holding independent political positions is as alive today as it was during the Black Power era of the 1960's. Since the destruction of that movement, white political elites are vigilant in  guaranteeing that Black leaders who step outside the acceptable parameters of political thought gets knocked down. Liberals believe that they represent the cutting edge of a rational left discourse. Through their delusional fog of self-righteousness, they believe they should gut-check anyone who steps outside their artificial boundaries.

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  • Kamau has worked as a community activist and attorney for over fifteen years in New York City and now in the south. He has been a leading member of several grassroots organizations dedicated to human rights advocacy and building grassroots institutions in the black community. Currently he is building a new organization named Amandla Training and Organizing Project. You can follow Kamau on twitter at @kamaufranklin.

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