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hoodie-hijabWashington's Wars and Occupations: Month in Review #83 • March 31, 2012

By Rebecca Tumposky

Rebecca Tumposky foregrounds the racist dynamics shaping events this last month from AfghanistanIraq, Syria, & the Israel-Palestine conflict to the streets of Sanford, Florida & El Cajon, California.

Sixteen Afghan civilians are massacred in their beds by a U.S. soldier.  Trayvon Martin is murdered by self-appointed 'neighborhood watchman.' Shaima Al Awadi, an Iraqi immigrant and mother of five, is found brutally killed in her home in El Cajon, California. The KONY video, with its ‘Western-white-military-force-will-save-the-day' message, goes viral.

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heatI love the hoodie meme.  

I love the fact that within days of the revolting shooting murder of the 17-year-old African-American teenager Trayvon Martin by the self-proclaimed neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, thousands of unlikely individuals put on their hoodies, took pictures, and shared them through social media.  It was, to be sure, an unprecedented show of national solidarity within an often-ignored pattern, and it brought tears of pride to my eyes.  

But the wearing of hoodies alone will not overturn the vicious Stand Your Ground laws that have proliferated throughout U.S. states in the last year.  The hoodie is a meme, but it is not a movement.  And only organized pressure can change the law.

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  • Malkia Cyril is the Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Media Justice (CMJ)- a national intermediary serving the media training, strategy, and organizing needs of justice movements and communities of color.  As an award-winning organizer and communications leader, Malkia has more than 15 years experience conceiving and managing grassroots communications and media organizing initiatives.

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