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American Football, when it was first “officially” played in 1869 (Rutgers v. Princeton), was a completely different sport.  For one, players were not well-padded, not-at-all-helmeted, and rules to protect their health and safety were lax at best.  Games were glorified slugfests, but generally each team had a shot at winning, bruises and scars par for the course.

Now imagine the 1869 Rutgers team playing against the present-day Scarlet Knights football program, or perhaps even the championship New York Giants.  It would be more than an uneven match-up—the outcome would be brutal, if not deadly.

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The Leftist at Work column is a space for leftists to talk about the ways in which they organize in their workplace – whether it is how they talk with coworkers about political issues, how they are trying to build or revitalize a union, or how they orient their political perspectives to sync with their daily jobs. Some leftists find themselves confronting issues they didn’t expect would come up in their work. Other people find that they work for a non-profit or union that constrains their range of political activities. We’ll hear from organizers that struggle to balance their radical politics with the realities of working for an organization with more of a reform orientation. We’ll also hear from people who may work in an unionized workplace but try to bring their broader politics into the workplace – such as anti-racism, anti-war, or pro-immigrant rights.

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