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Wednesday, 01 May 2013 00:00


featured-images 35Washington's Wars and Occupations:
Month in Review #96 • April, 2013

In a month filled with the killing of innocents from Boston to West, Texas and from Baghdad to Yemen, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, Sarah Lazare calls attention to what we all have to learn from the Palestinian people's resistance to brutality and dispossession. 

April was such a cruel month this year. I grieve for those killed and maimed in the Boston Marathon bombing, for those who died in West, Texas and Bangladesh due to corporations placing profits over safety. I ache for those facing U.S. drone attacks in Yemen; deadly bombings and clashes in Iraq, blasts in Afghanistan. I am appalled as the 'sequester' cuts start to take a human toll while billions continue to flow to the U.S. military.

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How does using the framework of militarism help understand war in its different forms? At a time when economic crisis has eclipsed issues of war, how does "militarism" mobilize the movement for peace and justice? This is a War Times-sponsored event that took place in San Francisco on August 4, 2012.

With Rebecca Gordon of War Times
Sarah Lazare of Civilian-Soldier Alliance:
Rachel Herzing of Critical Resistance:
Moderated by Attieno Davis of War Times.

Published in War and Militarism

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