Organizing Upgrade

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Organizing Upgrade is one of those “labor of love” kind of projects.

We run on the volunteer hours and energy of a couple dozen over-committed movement activists, organizers and writers. And we could really use your help to keep our work going!

Here are a few ways you can get involved with Organizing Upgrade:

  • Do you know how to type? (We wanted to start with the easy one!) You can transcribe interviews!
  • Are you a grammar nerd? You can copyedit pieces!
  • Do you have video or audio-editing skills? You can help us turn audio recordings into podcasts! Or video recordings in to shareable videos! 
  • Are you a news geek or an avid reader? You can help us collect news for the Best of the Left Web!
  • Are you excited to get another set of dialogues happening on Organizing Upgrade? Let us know if you are interested in starting a new section on Organizing Upgrade dedicated to a different sector of the movement or speaking to the issues of a different community. We’d be excited to hear what you’re thinking! 

Check our Idealist page if you want more details for many of these roles.

Contact us at upgrade if you’re interested!

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